Cup of Java

Tales of a lost software developer

About me

I am a passionate software developer currently based in Berlin, Germany.

I like to write software and build products in a team. My main interests are software development, reading great books that inspire me (mostly science fiction) and doing fitness training.

If one would ask me what are the most important points for you when developing software:

  • Feedback is everything: therefore I dive into build automation, continuous deployment and automatic testing to get reliable feedback as fast as possible
  • Fail (learn) as fast as possible: because you typically don’t know what the customer really wants and how new technologies and requirements change a given system, it’s important to fail asap to aquire new knowledge (btw: that is imho an essential skill in IT)
  • Make requirements executable: the first two points enforce executable requirements, but for me this is so fundamental and important that it gets an extra point on its own (acceptance test-driven development and behavior-driven development are key terms in this context)
  • Practice software craftsmanship: according to the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship I try to practice, learn and teach the craft of building software every day

Besides this blog I am also active in several social networks. You can contact me via Twitter and Google+. Or if you like it more professional you can visit my Xing profile.