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My (Little Late) Personal Tech Retroperspective of 2012

With this post I start a new series in this blog: At every beginning of a new year I wanna do a retroperspective (motivated by Agile…) of the technical stuff in my life that happens during the last year. Mostly about the stuff I learned. So, here it goes and I hope it does not annoy you too much.


  • gained a lot experience in working in teams and how to manage critical situations
  • improved knowledge about continuous delivery
  • improved skills in TDD, BDD, ATDD
  • gained more experience in managing code quality
  • improved skills in scripting builds
  • improved usage of Sonar
  • held many talks on conferences and events about testing, Sonar and Scala
  • finally started this blog :-)


  • Play Framework 1 & 2 (Java, Scala)
  • RabbitMQ, only for a spike but I enjoyed it a lot
  • Elasticsearch, bad documentation but nevertheless a great technology
  • MongoDB, the classic NoSql store
  • Redis
  • Spring MVC mostly for building REST apis
  • JavaScript, oh geez a lot of JavaScript
  • AngularJS, only a bit
  • PhoneGap, the I/O related part for iOS
  • Vagrant for setting up dev VMs
  • Chef, only changing some configuration in existing scripts
  • Ruby for web development
  • Sinatra for a tiny web project, great framework


  • visited many Java Usergroup Berlin events
  • attended some conferences: BedCon, gearconf, Java Forum Stuttgart
  • organized tech talks at my current employer, adesso AG